Wednesday, November 16, 2011

High Flight, a Novel in Pictures 1929

Looking through the Montreal Herald in April 1929, I stumbled across an ongoing story that lasted the month entitled "High Flight" written by Ruth Dewey Groves. A quick google search will show you that it was made into a book (though I think it may be a little difficult to find a copy)-

What I loved about this weekly romance, was that each excerpt was accompanied a lovely photo, with a short caption. I personally did not have a chance to read the story, so the images were especially interesting when taken out of context. The captions become insightful or comical, and it's also interesting how the some of the narrative comes through...


  1. Oh wow Great Gatsby. We should have made this into a storyboard and put it up for the party :P

  2. haha, that would have been perfection! Oh well, there's always the next one! And I feel like there must be another one soon, because I keep trying to plan my outfits with the 1920s in mind. I feel like I'm stuck in a time-warp! (and reading newspapers from the 1920s for my part-time job is not helping!)