Monday, September 5, 2011

Boiling Eggs by Electricity? Oh my!

On May 10, 1890, the Hamilton Spectator reprinted an article that appeared in the Cincinnati Times Star about a marvelous new invention. Apparently, someone had discovered how to boil eggs by... wait for it... using electricity! How quaint! This article really is a window into a different time, and sometimes its funny to think that something so insignificant sounding to us was such big news 130 years ago.

Boiling Eggs by Electricity.
Cincinnati Times-Star.

The novel experiment of boiling eggs by electricity was tried this morning in the office of the Electric Supply company, in the Masonic Temple, on Third Street. Of course they were boiled in water, but electricity was the heating agent. Luke Lilley, the city's assistant electrician, was the chief cook. Charley Marshal, the underwriter's agent, ate the first egg boiled by the agency of the subtle current.

It required six amperes (quantity of electricity) and ninety six volts (pressure or force) to accomplish the operation with about two quarts of water in a huge tin cup, the electrical current being connected through the handle of the cup.

The news of the egg boiling spread quickly, and as it was about lunch time, brokers, bulls, and bears, bankers, insurance men, and lawyers crowded the office. About three dozen eggs were consumed, the only disappointment being that a drink did not go with each egg.

(The beautiful egg-themed collages are from here)


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