Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cat in my apartment

 About two months ago when entered my apartment building, I was surprised to see someone staring at me from the top of the stairs. Well, not a someone, a something. A gigantic, long-haired, disheveled cat. Being a cat-lover myself, I was at first pleased to know that there was a furry animal roaming the halls, but lately my feelings towards this creature have changed.

It just sits there at the top of the stairs glaring at you with its glowing eyes (see picture below). If you put one step onto the stairs, it disappears only to bob its head out the next moment to see if you are still there. If you continue up the stairs, no matter how fast or slowly, it bolts up to the safety of its apartment (most likely three floors up). Because I could never get close to this creature, I only saw it once, I began to second-guess myself as to the cat's very existence (you know, because I live alone, and have been waiting for the moment when I go a little loopy).

But then this past week, as I was leaving my apartment, luckily with camera in hand, I glimpsed it with the corner of my eye and snapped a photograph of the elusive beast. I'm sure you'll understand why the creature unnerves me so by the photographs below...


  1. Oh, the eyes do glow… Hehe, don’t be afraid… You know, I’m a cat-lover too. I bet you know how curious they are all the time. Who knows? This cat probably wants to be your friend. Too bad it runs away whenever you go near it.

  2. The apartment where you previously stayed had a grandeur staircase. No wonder why cats love to stay and play in this stairs. By the way where are you staying right now? Did you transfer to another apartment or condo? Can you please post some picture of your new home?