Thursday, February 17, 2011

Running out of space

I've been buying my canvases lately (well over the past 5 months) from the dollar store, 2$ per canvas. Which is an awesome price for a canvas, just to let you know. But unfortunately, the drawback is they all come in the same size, 40cm x 30cm - which isn't that big or interesting. So I'm excited to say that over the Spring Break I'll be heading to my favourite art store in Ontario - Curries (whereas Omer de Serres is my fave in Quebec), and I'll be buying some large/interesting sized canvases! 

I'm excited to do some more large/epic paintings that take longer than simply one evening. Maybe I'll still do some dollar store canvas - they would be great to sell for a profit! But the other problem I'm running into is that I'm slowly running out of wall space :) which is really a pleasant problem actually.

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