Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year just begun

A New Year has just begun and I find myself in the midst of piles or readings, torrents of snow, and hours and hours of extra-curricular commitments. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying being constantly busy, but I'm just back from holidays and I already feel like I need another break. 

What I find especially interesting/funny is that while I am writing this post, on the second floor of the SSMU building, at least thirty World of Warcraft (I assume?) lovers have set up their camp next to my table- complete with two large boxes of Tim Hortens doughnuts, a laptop each and pepsi bottles. One person yells out "Plug in your laptops everyone" and there is a scramble over cords and extension cords, as the many laptops come to life. "We have power!" is yelled by a member of the group, "We have power!" is echoed by another member.

They are talking amongst themselves, planning out strategies, placing bets on who will be the champion tonight. I'm completely astounded at the sheer numbers. I would count them, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm staring. There's about 15 - that was smooth- okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little, it's not 30 but still it's a pretty substantial group of individuals who are dedicating their evening to play on online game. I'm not going to judge - I bet I'd be pretty addicted if I started playing it too (I'm serious! I've got an addictive personality)...

Oh, apparently I was wrong.. It's a StarCraft club - a "military science fiction real-time strategy game" according to Wikipedia, I apologize. You learn something new everyday. I'm tempted to sit here and watch this battle unfold, however I've got readings that must be read for tomorrow, journal responses that must be written and emails to be sent. And yet, this is so mesmorizing! --- Alright, it's been an hour (at least) of watching these people, and they've yet to start playing, I think they're still figuring out the game plan. Well, I guess maybe I'll head out then. I'm not if this little experience has given me a different perspective on my own plight, however, what it certainly gave me a couple of laughs.

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