Sunday, November 21, 2010

Absurdity in the Media

Lately, I've been reading through articles online, and have found myself thinking “Really? This is news?” or on the opposite side of the spectrum “this is so ridiculous it can't be true!” So I thought I would share some of the most absurd articles I have found over the course of this past week. I've taken one or two of my favourite sentences out of each of these articles and included them here for your reading pleasure.

(If you are interested in reading the full article, I have included the links under the respective quotes- and the photos that accompany each one, I found through

An Australian man on Monday said he was "a bit silly" to live in a shop window with hundreds of poisonous spiders for three weeks for charity, but was confident he would not be bitten. Le Souef, who completed a similar challenge about 30 years ago by living in a cage with spiders, said he would spend his time cutting opals and writing his memoirs.”

"Wine experts Wednesday popped the corks of two bottles of champagne recently salvaged from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, where they had lain in a sunken ship for nearly 200 years."Bottles kept at the bottom of the sea are better kept than in the finest wine cellars," one of the world's foremost champagne experts, Richard Juhlin, told reporters."

A cat's delicate lapping does not scoop up water but uses inertia to create kind of a backward waterfall, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.”

The president and CEO of Alberta Health Services apologized on Saturday for refusing to answer reporters' questions because he was eating a cookie.”