Monday, October 4, 2010

I made a friend

On a bike trip to explore Outremont (yes I seem to be biking quite a lot lately, and that is mostly because I've realized that this pleasant weather is finally on its way out!) - I came upon a large church, and decided to climb the many steps with my bike, and take a rest. Up on my perch I could look down on the buildings across the street, and noticed a very large orange cat on a front deck.

The cat looked at me, and I looked at the cat. After a couple of minutes, he hopped off the porch, and walked to the sidewalk. Then he waited (like a smart cat does), until it was safe to cross, and he saunters across the busy road. He walks up the church steps, and plops himself down right next to me.

I pet him for the next 20 minutes, proceeding to get fur all over my dark clothes. Just thought I'd share that story with you, it really made my day! So did these photos of him!
(and I apologize to all you non-cat lovers, I've definitely purposefully kept my cat posts to a minimum, haha). 

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