Monday, September 27, 2010

My week in 9 words (and a couple more words) cont.

The second big event of the week was the new part of the McGill website - Historical Collections -  was launched this past Thursday. Heather Munroe-Blum was there to cut the ribbon along with librarian Pamela Miller, Dean of Architecture Annemarie Adams, (and someone else who is really important but I can't quite remember who!). The website was made so that students, scholars and professors alike would have access and even knowledge of the various collections available at McGill University.You can check out the website here:, and as the President of Redpath Museum Club and member of the Art History Student Association, I was glad I could attend such an exciting event!

And last night, I managed to get free tickets to the premiere of the Otto Dix exhibit at the MMFA (Montreal Museum of Fines Arts)! Being there for opening night of such an amazing exhibit was a dream come true. The works were amazing, and the atmosphere was incredible. I went with a great friend of mine and it was really an awesome experience. This post contains some of the pieces we were able to see (unfortunately I didn't think to bring my own camera to either of these great events!).

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