Monday, July 19, 2010

Obscure Photos of the Greatest Artists

I am an avid stumbler. When I have a spare moment, my mouse just glides over to that little button placed at the top of my page that says "stumble" and off I go on an adventure around the web. During my travels, I have come across very interesting things that range from the repulsive to the intriguing. 

What I wanted to show you today were some obscure photos I have found on various different blogs/sites of some of the most well known modern artists. What I found most interesting about these photos is that I'm sure I have googled each of these artists a bunch of times, however all these photos ares one I have never seen before and are incredibly beautiful.What I love about these photos is that each one seems to tell some kind of story, or makes you want to research more about these crazy characters.

Take a look at what I have found 
(I tried to reference as many of these photos as I could but some of them I just can't find where I found them! sorry!)

Picasso and Brigitte Bardot in his studio - 1958

Salvador Dali taking his anteater for a walk

Warhol filming

Frida Kahlo and a deer

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