Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little sketch

I haven't done any sketching in a while, but charcoal is one of my favourite mediums and I have been missing it quite a lot, so finally I got around to creating something new.

When deciding what to sketch, I came across Monika Stojak and her fabulous photographs, and you can see her Lookbooks right here: I decided to challenge myself and draw a guy as I've always had difficulties with drawing men. They always end up looking quite feminine or just odd.

Here is my reference photo: (note, this is just a reference photo, I wasn't intending on making an exact copy so my sketch cannot be judged on how closely it looks to this photo - I took a lot of artistic liberties!)

So here is a video of my sketch in progress:

Quick Note: This movie was created to the music of Sean Nicholas Savage, a Montreal singer. To see more of his music check out his myspace page:


  1. Enjoyed watching the video. The guy in your sketch doesn't look feminine at all - good job. :)

  2. This is amazing Isabel! Thanks for reminding me I have no artistic talent!
    I might commission you to do a painting for my house .. if ur lucky (muahahahaha)

  3. Thanks so much Eleni! and yes Adwoa, I would love to do a commission for you! We first need our photo shoot though as I've got to get a reference photo to do it from! This sunday??