Thursday, June 24, 2010

Most Photographed Person - Week 2

Most Photographed Person of Week 1 was here:


This week, I have chosen my new roommate Kathi to become the subject of my next person photo essay. As opposed to last week, when I showed you a several heavily edited photos from years ago, these photos are all fairly recent (taken within the last month or so) and not really edited at all. What unifies them is that in all these photos, my subject happens to be eating, or about to dig in.

The reason for the slightly odd coincidence is that Kathi just arrived in Montreal a couple of months ago, which has meant that we've all been doing a lot more of exploring the beautiful city. And you cannot go on day trips across the city without stopping at one of the beautiful places around to have a bite to eat. And once one of these gorgeous dishes are in front of you, you can't help but take a picture if you have a camera handy.

So enjoy some candid eating shots!

Bon Appetit


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