Monday, June 7, 2010

Most Photographed Person - Week 1

I recently noticed that when I hang out with someone long enough, they automatically become the subject of hundreds of my photos. When I happen to have my camera on me, and when it happens to be that wonderful overcast grey sky that is so flattering in portrait pictures, I really can't stop myself. Luckily for me, most of my friends accept this quirk of mine, and don't mind it when I start harassing them with my camera (while others even ask for it!). Maybe I should pursue paparazzi-ing?

Anyways, I thought it would be fun if each week I picked someone, and then went through all my photos and try to find a vast variety of photographs of this one person from different days, years and settings, showing either how they have grown or changed, how my own style has changed and the different angles/personalities of each person. Some people I have photographed a lot more often than others, so this having a photo essay of a person each week might get trickier after a while once I go through all the usual suspects, but I'm looking forward to this little project, and if you happen to be the Person of the Week, hopefully you'll take it as a compliment!



Numéro uno, that would have to be my eldest sister Diana. Who else do I have (well had) 24 hour access to, and would surrender to my constant photographing. Diana would have to be the most photographed person in my vast collection (second only to the many pictures I have taken of myself). Some days, I would dress her up for planned shoots, others were more impromptu. I'm going to go through and show you the best of the best, and try to show you ones that you may have never seen before. Enjoy!

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