Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little trip to see Arcade Fire

 The closest I could get to Arcade Fire in the 10, 000 people crowd!

Internationally known band Arcade Fire played a couple of weeks ago (on June 9th) in a parking lot in Longueuil. I heard about the event through my roomie, who heard it through a text, from someone who heard it from someone else. So, instead of thinking that it was a rumour, my roomie and I went out to check it out.

Coming out the Longueuil Metro Station, crowds of people with basically as much information as we had marched out of the station and looked around for the next clue as to where to go. Someone near the back of the crowd said "I think we have to follow the line on the ground made out of chalk." And so that is what we all did. 15 minutes later we all turned around a corner to see a great big crowd of people. I was to find out later that about 10, 000 people had shown up for the concert. You can take a look at the CBC News article for more info about the night:

The concert was great. Once we found a spot where we were able to somewhat see the band, it was pretty awesome.

While in the crowd, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful blue shadows, so I had to snap some pictures. Kind of odd, I know, but I like them.

And here is a little video showing the magnitude of the crowd!

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