Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Land of vast hills and mighty streams,
The lofty sun that o'er thee beams
On fairer clime sheds not his ray, 
When basking in the noon of day
Thy waters dance in silver light,
And o'er them frowning, dark as night,
Thy shadowy forests, soaring high,
Stretch forth beyond the aching eye,
And blend in distance with the sky. 

And silence - awful silence broods
Profoundly o'er these solitudes;
Nought but the lapsing of the floods
Breaks the deep stillness of the woods;
A sense of desolation reigns
O'er these unpeopled forest plains,
Where sounds of life ne'er wake a tone
Of cheerful praise round Nature's throne,
Man finds himself with God - alone."

(excerpt from "Roughing it in the Bush" by Susanna Moodie, description of Montreal that I found incredibly perfect when reading on Mont Royal)

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