Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five things on my side table...

Procrastination is a wonderful tool. I've been planning to do this post for a while now, but only when I have to clean the apartment and pack for a trip home do I finally manage to 'find time' to put this together. This photo essay is of five beautiful objects I happen to have on my side table at the moment, and thought they were worthy of celebration. A couple of them were resting on top of an open photography book ("Lartigue: L'album d'une vie") and I thought what better background could there be for these objects then the photographs from this fabulous book.

  1. fresh sugar lemon - my scent, my favourite perfume
  2. sealing set - stamp in the shape of an 'I' for Isabel and wax to close an envelope, received at least seven years ago, I have yet to use it as I'm saving it for when I write an 'important letter'
  3. hair band - I think I will start a collection of these/create an even larger collection than I currently own
  4. necklace - true vintage piece, all the way from Aldo Accessories...
  5. menthe - Anise flavoured mints from a candy shop in Mile End


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